Apple Mac Support Engineer Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey

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Apple Mac Support Engineer Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey

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for all your Apple Mac Support requirements, including:

  • Consultations
  • Installations
  • Maintenance
  • Filemaker database development
  • One-to-one Tuition

Hello, and thanks for visiting!

My name is Daren and I’m a freelance Apple Macintosh (Apple Mac) support engineer serving the Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey region.

With over 25 years experience (both in-house and in the field), I support businesses and domestic customers alike, and can travel to where ever you need me.

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As a user I have developed a deep understanding of the operation of the Macintosh operating system and its usage in the design field. As an engineer, I have been able to apply my user experience to give unique angles on troubleshooting a user's system.

I have also taken the opportunity to diversify, and develop an interest in applied fields of graphic design, database development, web design amongst others. Please click on the menu below to see how I could help you beyond the OS...

Since 1992 I have been exposed to all kinds of Macintosh scenarios and developed a wealth of experience in different aspects of a Mac's usage and troubleshooting.

If you are a new customer and need an assessment of your setup or requirements prior to further work, you will be charged at the rates below but you will receive a £50 refund of this consultation fee should you choose to use me for the work specified.

• 1st hour £85

• Half day (Max 3 hours) £125

• Full day (Max 7 hours) £199

• Remote Support £30/hour

Callout is free is Basingstoke,

check here for other areas.

VAT is not chargeable and will not be added.


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